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Virtual team games produce no winners

Virtual team games produce no winners

In 1964 psychiatrist Dr.Eric Berne published a now famous book Games people play in which he identified the different games people play, often unwittingly, in social situations based on his concept of transaction analysis. The advent of the virtual team has created a whole new set of games including Freeloader, Pseudo-engager, Chase-me, Senior Partner, Inquisitor, Stop-Starter, Overcommunicator, Email Fixater and Attachmentitis.


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Capable or popular: which would you rather be

Capable or popular: which would you rather be

Research published in the Harvard Business Review , Competent Jerks, Lovable Fools and the formation of social networks, (June 2005) shows that when people need help getting a job done, they will usually choose a congenial colleague over a more capable one.

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Software team size: The Mythical Man Month

In The Mythical Man Month, Fred Brooks points out that in a team of n members there are n(n-1)/2 potential links, leading to an n-squared scaling with team size.


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The maximum team size for effective working

Your teams are too big: break them up.

Newspapers sometimes run contests to see who can produce the best summary of a epic book in one hundred words or less. Here is my 100-word version of "The maximum team size for effective working" drawing from an excellent article by Christopher Allen entitled The Dunbar Number as a Limit to Group Sizes.

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New Version of Bioteams Audio Presentation

Virtual Teams Can Thrive Without Adding New Technology - Audio-Visual Presentation Showcases How

Just in case you missed it my esteemed colleague Robin Good and I have now produced a new version of my first bioteams audio presentation.

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Practical issues and lessons for effective virtual teams

Virtual Collaboration – dispatches from the front line

Bioteam's Guest Article by Charlie Bess

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Global team virtual collaboration report findings

Virtual team technology providing benefits but inter-personal issues still critical in global teams

Thanks to Dinesh Tantri for pointing me to a very useful and possibly under-exposed report by the Information Work Productivity Council into ‘IT Support for Global Collaboration’ published in January 2004.


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