Social Networking

The philosophy of reputation systems

Digital Reputation and Social Networking Systems are currently very hot but have you ever wondered about their philosophical roots. They are actually embodiments of the two mechanisms by which we humans can know about someone or something according to the Philosopher Bertrand Russell: Acquaintance and Description.


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Review of SNARF: Social Network and Relationship Finder

Microsoft Research tool sorts your email inbox by importance

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best – in this case automatically ‘triaging’ inbound email by user defined importance. SNARF allows the user to design their own personal email importance criteria such as the "number of emails sent to me in the last month". Such metrics can, in turn, be combined to create overall importance criteria for sorting your inbox.


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Real creativity is a social activity

Creative innovation needs social networks not just neural networks

We often have in our head the stereotype of the brilliant but solitary artist or writer who cannot, or will not, work with anyone else but is this the whole story on creativity and innovation?


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Friendship rings versus social networks

An essay by Stuart Jeffries in The Guardian shows why it is important to have good friendship rings as well as strong social/business networks and how to tell the difference between the two.


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How to make a business network grow

A crowd draws a crowd but you need to be fit too

Albert Laszlo Barabasi in his excellent book "Linked - the New Science of Networks" lets us into a secret about how networks grow. Relatively new research has shown that most networks are not random, as previously thought, but "Scale Free" . New nodes in a scale free networks attach themselves to other nodes based on a "preferrential attachment rule" .


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How is your personal ecosystem of relationships

Taking your most important relationships seriously

The current focus on ‘social networking’ might make you think you should spend most of your efforts warming up distant relationships and creating new ones. This focus on new relationships is good and healthly – however it would be a major mistake if it meant you neglected to nurture the strong relationships you already have.


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