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The perfect social networking system

I ran across an excellent article, Evaluating Social Network Services, by Christopher Allen in his very interesting blog, Life With Alacrity, which reviews four of the leading social network software/services:

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A really useful electronic meetings tool

How often do you go to a team meeting where you ‘time out’ and send everybody away frustrated simply because you could not get some of the participants to shut up? Or have you ever have meetings on ‘divergent topics’ where you feel you have opened Pandora’s Box so wide that there is little chance of getting back any consensus or convergence in the group? If either of these is your experience then you could really benefit from an innovative software/hardware/method combo called Zing.


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Are you addicted to email internet IM texting or pda

The term ‘email addiction’ has been growing very rapidly on the web for the last few years. When I did a google search on it I was amazed to find over 9 million entries which define, debate, discuss, sympathise and offer potential cures.


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Will presence technology make virtual teams come alive

Copying biology's instant broadcasting systems

One of the things we learn when we study biological teams is that the communications used are designed to instantly reach the intended recipients wherever they are. For example, many forms of social insect communications are chemically based with the intensity and longevity of the scent (and the wind direction) determining who gets the message. In other words biological communications tend to be 'instant broadcasts'.


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The Virtual Road Warriors Mobile Phone

Can a mobile phone really double as a complete virtual office?

In a previous article, The virtual road warrior software checklist, I described how, with a little bit of preparation and a well-chosen web-based application (such as, you can stay connected and if you wish operate almost business as usual whilst on the road.


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The future for webmail with flash

Enter flash-based email

In a previous article, The virtual road warrior software checklist, I wrote about using web-based email to ensure that you stay connected whilst you are on the road. However the reality is that most forms of web-based email represent a compromise on the kind of email service you enjoy at home or at work.


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The Virtual Water Cooler

Operating 100% virtually – advantages, tips and challenges

By Kim Peacocke, Communications Manager, Readify


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The virtual road warrior software checklist

Staying connnected whilst on the road - part 2 - travelling light

In part 1 of this article I shared with you Dan Gillmor's personal checklist of the key items he takes with him on his travels to stay connected.Dan seems happy to lug a lot of hardware with him so it got me thinking "what if you want to stay connected just using the public internet and only remembering one URL and password?"

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The virtual road warrior hardware checklist

Staying connnected whilst on the road - part 1

I came across this article by Dan Gillmor in the Financial Times, A road warriors essential travel kit.


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Social networking and social software

I have mentioned a few times the growing importance of social software to virtual teams and organisations.


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