Online Collaboration Techniques

Profiling a Virtual Team

How to avoid nasty surprises in supporting virtual teams

From my experience of working with teams, often due to business deadline pressures, we do not spend enough time at the start taking a quick look or Profile of the overall shape of the team.


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Social Propagation is the secret to organizational and team learning

Social Propagation is the secret to organizational and team learning

and the most evolved non-human species on the planet is not who you think it is! Arie de Geus is credited by many as the inventor of the concept of "the learning organisation". In his book "The Living Company" Arie describes an interview with Professor Alan Wilson, distinguished zoologist and botanist.

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Self-Managed Team Leadership

Ron Armstrong writes a good introduction on Self-Managed Team Leadership in LeaderValues which is a rich on-line source of thinking and best practice on all aspects of leadership.


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The Evils of E-Mail

Count to three before you hit that send button

Alec Appelbaum, in The Evils of E-Mail, for CIO Magazine, discusses some of the silly things we do in email, the impact they have on the unfortunate recipients and what we can do about it.


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The Three types of organisational teams

First find out what type of team you are dealing with!

One of the most important team questions, often not properly resolved when a team is setup is:

"What type of team is it?"

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A virtual meeting checklist

Rules and manners for effective virtual meetings

Digging through some of the archives I spotted an interesting short article by Loretta Prencipe, in, way back in April 2001 entitled “Do you know the rules and manners of an effective virtual meeting”


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