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The team with three brains

James Thornton in “You Have Three Brains” for reports on research by Paul D Maclean on the ‘triune’ brain. Apparently Maclean’s research suggests that we each have, not one but, three brains nested within our skulls – a lizard brain, a dog brain, and a human brain. This research got me thinking – if teams are really living systems then they might have 3 brains too?

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PLEASE NOTE Deadline for Team Beliefs research collaboration is now Friday October 21

Last week I made a post seeking interest from organisational team leaders who would like to collaborate with me in a unique mini research project into the beliefs of high-performing teams. Thank you to those who have expressed an interest - I will be getting back to you shortly. I am now announcing that the closing date for me to be able to consider any further expressions of interest in this collaborative research project is next Friday (October 21).

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New social network research may explain why some team tasks never get done

The importance of team ‘early movers’

(or Why do I always have to take out the garbage?)


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High performing team member beliefs questionnaire


I am seeking interest from organisational team leaders who would like to collaborate with me in a unique mini research project into the beliefs of high-performing teams.

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Update on European virtual network research

VE-Forum is an excellent source of information on European research activity in the virtual networks and clusters area. It has also just has produced a special edition of its Newsletter "DG INFSO D5 Enterprise Networking Clusters" which gives an overview of the huge amount of European Union research underway in this area which includes:


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What team members can learn from software agents

Human agents - learning from advances in distributed computing

I am delighted to republish a bioteams guest essay on “Agents: Technology and Usage” by James Odell which is attached in full as a pdf.


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Virtual communities can learn from evolution

Evolutionary science has many lessons for our online communities

David Bollier offers a very interesting overview perspective of a workshop co-sponsored by the Berkman Centre and The Gruter Institute.The workshop, involving lawyers, biologists, social scientists, technologists and policy experts, focussed on what evolutionary science and "commons scholarship" can teach us about the social architecture of co-operative on-line communities ('on-line commons').


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The economics of cooperative behavior


Humans and other animals share a heritage of economic tendencies - including cooperation, repayment of favours and resentment at being short-changed. By Frans B. M. de Waal, Scientific American, April 2005 issue


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A robot virtual project manager

In Canine coach keeps dieters on a leash, NewScientist - September 2005, we hear how the robot will gather information about our eating habits and exercise routines by connecting wirelessly to a pedometer. Actually virtual robot project managers, wizards and assistants may not be that far away - as a very simple example check-out The Meeting Facilitator.


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Federated networks and the emergent support economy

Networked individuals are the future of enterprise.

In their enormously impressive (and sometimes intimidating) book “The Support Economy” by Shoshana Zuboff and James Maxmin the authors identify eleven new “Metaprinciples” for the emergent “support economy”.

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