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Virtual team mobilisation and three powerful tips from nature

There are 3 types of recognition in nature: Species Recognition, Kin Recognition and Individual Recognition. Bioteams can use Species Recognition to avoid freeloaders, Kin Recognition to build strong work-groups and Individual Recognition to ensure mutual team member co-operation.


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Virtual team connectivity - three action rules from nature

Bioteams are highly connected virtual networks

In this article I will introduce the second overarching principle of Bioteams, "Bioteams are highly connected virtual networks", and describe the second triad of supporting action rules (rules 4, 5 and 6).


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Virtual team productivity - three action rules from nature

In this article I introduce and identify the fundamental key overarching principle of Bioteams and define the first three action rules that can enable existing "Virtually Networked Teams" to start integrating Bioteaming full potential. By Ken Thompson and Robin Good.

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Virtual Teams - a new paradigm from nature

Bioteaming:Why virtual teams need more than internet technology to succeed.

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Virtual teams, biomimicry and biomimetrics

Learning from mother nature's designs becomes scientific mainstream

A new scientific discipline biomimicry (also known as biomimetrics) is gaining a lot of attention.

Defined as "taking ideas from nature and implementing them in another technology such as engineering, design, computing, etc."

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History of the Bioteams logo

Dr Humberto Maturana and Dr Franciso Varela, 2 Chilean biologist/neuroscientists, in their ground-breaking book "The Tree of Knowledge - The Biological Roots of Human Understanding" [1] illustrated their concept of a living system with a little graphical symbol. I have taken the symbol and adapted it and turned it on its side to be the icon for bioteams and bioteaming


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The Lifecycle of a Bioteam

How bioteams are born, grow, reproduce, decline... and die!.I would like to use the Ant Colony to introduce and illustrate a general model for the lifecycle of a bioteam. Whilst Ant colonies vary greatly in their social structure, they all share four basic stages in their development and life. Like the Trinity of Living Systems this is a general model which applies to all living systems.


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Bioteams Glossary

Here is a number of terms definitions that relate to bioteaming and virtual teams.


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A Design Framework for Bioteams

The Trinity of all Living Systems - A Design Framework for Bioteams. Dr Humberto Maturana and Dr Franciso Varela, 2 Chilean biologist/neuroscientists, in their ground-breaking book "The Tree of Knowledge - The Biological Roots of Human Understanding" [1] suggest a simple but profound model, represented graphically below, which wonderfully captures the essence of living systems.


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Bioteaming: A Manifesto For Networked Business Teams

A Conceptual Framework For The Successful Management Of Physically Distributed Collaborative Business Networks And Highly Mobile Virtual Teams

By Ken Thompson and Robin Good

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