Free questionnaire and software to analyse any team's beliefs versus HPTs

I have written quite a lot about the importance of a team's beliefs on their performance and have published some modest research into the beliefs which differentiate 'high performing' teams from other teams. Until today I have not published the questionnaire which underpinned this research. I am now making this questionnaire available here and also, on request, a free spreadsheet tool to help you 'number crunch' and analyse the results from using the beliefs questionnaire with your own teams.


Below is the concise 10-question version of the questionnaire which covers all the key team belief areas. My new book on High Performing Teams includes the full version of the questionnaire which asks the same question in different ways to monitor the consistency of participant responses.


Please state to what extent you agree with each of the following statements. You may also make short optional comments. No answers will be attributed to yourself.

Q1. Everybody in my team knows what they can count on me for.
5=Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Not Sure, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree

Q2. My team are confident that I have the skills to deliver.
5=Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Not Sure, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree

Q3. My team expect me to ask for help whenever I need it without it having to be imposed.
5=Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Not Sure, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree

Q4. I expect to be kept fully up-to-date on how the project is going and any important news or issues - I don't expect there will be "team secrets" I don't hear about.
5=Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Not Sure, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree

Q5. I expect we will all share the credit or blame for the results we produce - I don't expect the team leaders to take all the glory or pain.
5=Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Not Sure, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree

Q6. I believe what we are doing on this team is really significant - it is one of the most important projects in our organisation.
5=Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Not Sure, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree

Q7. I am confident that my team will successfully and fully deliver the required result here.
5=Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Not Sure, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree

Q8. We have to be careful what we say to staff outside the team - it's a 'need to know' basis.
5=Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Not Sure, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree

Q9. Rewards and bonuses are nice but the work and the sense of achievement is really the main thing for me on this team.
5=Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Not Sure, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree

Q10. We are that bit better than the other groups in our organisation and will show off our achievements and abilities wherever we get the chance.
5=Strongly Agree, 4=Agree, 3=Not Sure, 2=Disagree, 1=Strongly Disagree


This section is not to be given to the individuals when they are completing the questionnaire. you can, of course, share it with them afterwards if you wish.

The questionnaire probes the team members' views on 10 different possible team member beliefs which have been identified in the literature as often being associated with High-Performing Teams to various degrees.

These 10 beliefs are:

1. Clear and Public Accountability
2. Trusted Competency
3. Give and Take
4. Total Transparency
5. Shared Glory
6. Meaningful Mission Value
7. Outcome Optimism
8. Success in Spite of/Common Enemy
9. Work is its Own Reward
10. Simply the Best


Best practice is to aggregate the results for all the team members and then to present this summary back to the team for discussion.

You should not identify or focus on the beliefs of any particular individual however individuals may (or may not) volunteer their own beliefs in these discussions.

You can analyse and discuss the results in many different ways including:

1. Which beliefs are most common to team members?

This can be used to reinforce a strong sense of team togetherness.

2. Which beliefs is there the most variation within the team?

This can help the team understand and value its diversity.

3. Which beliefs are most absent from the team?

This may not be significant or it may indicate that the team lacks confidence in the achieveability of its objectives. It can therefore lead in nicely to a collaborative team healthcheck as to what might be missing or getting in the way.

To obtain your personal copy of the beliefs spreadsheet you can buy the book (a bargain at $15 or £10) or send me an email.

About Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson is an expert practitioner, author and speaker on collaboration/high performing teams and game-based learning.

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