TakeTen: Elite Sports Performance techniques for everyone

Elite sportsmen and women use advanced breathing and focalising techniques to get themselves "into the zone" where exceptional performance becomes the norm. TakeTen a small Belfast company have invented an innovative system to bring these techniques into our classrooms and workplaces in a fun and affordable way.

TakeTen Personal Performance Optimization System

Fintan Connelly is a qualified pharmacist who five years ago left a secure well paid job to bet everything on TakeTen an innovative technology for stress reduction for schools and workplaces. I took a quick test drive and over a cappuccino asked Fintan "How is it going and What made you do it?"

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TakeTen: Ken's Overall Assessment

TakeTen have built a stable and user friendly technology product based on solid scientific research which, after just one year, is already earning revenue in their core market of education. The TakeTen product can easily be adapted to other key markets including corporates and healthcare and can be sold directly to families over the web. TakeTen's strategy is going global through partners and they should be an attractive proposition for established service companies already in their target markets who need to add a scientific personal performance improvement product to their portfolios.

Key Facts about TakeTen

Company: TakeTen - Personal Performance Optimization System

One-Liner: TakeTen is a set of simple practices for managing your breathing. These practices are supported by software which runs on any PC and provides a monitoring dashboard and a number of games to help you learn the breathing practices. The final component of TakeTen is a dongle-sized heart monitor which connects into your USB port and clips on your ear to let the computer track the changes in your heart rhythms and let you know if you are in the zone. The term TakeTen is about the cognitive and behavioural benefits which flow if you can regularly "take ten" minutes to get yourself into this positive mental state"

Website: www.taketenteam.com

Location: Holywood, Greater Belfast, Northern Ireland

The Benefits of TakeTen

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and cognitive state

The TakeTen Schools Pack

Useful Links

Meet Steady Eddy Video

TakeTen in St Anthony's Primary School - View from the top

Take Ten in Action at St Anthonys Primary School

The Institute of HeartMath (California)

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