PathXL: Leading Edge Digital Collaboration in Pathology

The boundaries of digital collaboration extend way beyond document sharing and communications. PathXL are a Belfast-based Digital Collaboration/Big Data company who have developed workflow/data analytics software to help pathologists and clinicians make quicker, faster diagnoses of complex cancer tumour patterns and to work more effectively with colleagues in clinical cross-functional teams.

Students using PathXL at Queens University Belfast
Image: Students using PathXL at Queens University Belfast

Des Speed, chief executive of PathXL, is a highly regarded local software entrepreneur who after leading Lagan Technologies to a successful exit returned back to these shores from the US to start all over again with a small software start-up located in the NI Science Park in Titanic Quarter. I tracked Des down to see what made him throw his hat in the ring once again!

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Key Facts about PathXL

Company: PathXL - Digital Pathology Software

One-Liner: PathXL, formerly i-Path, was created in 2005 as a spin-out from Queens University Belfast (QUB) by Professor Peter Hamilton and Dr Jim Diamond, and is a pioneer in the use of web-based solutions for Digital Pathology. PathXL software is used in leading institutions all over the world in the research, education and clinical sectors.

The Market:
The Market for Digital Pathology is expected to grow five-fold from $200M in 2012 to $1BN in 2016 with huge headroom for further group beyond this. In addition and very significantly, big fish like, Google Ventures are becoming active in the field with the web giant's VC group wanting to deepen its presence in the "Big Data" field. Hazem Adam Ghobarah, who is leading the GV initiative is reported by the The New York Times as saying:

"We keep coming back to life sciences" as an investment field, Ghobarah told The Times. "In a given year, you have 200 million pathology slides. If that gets online, it is a Big Data problem."


Location: NI Science Park, Titanic Quarter Belfast

PathXL Manager Components
PathXL Manager Components

PathXL Screenshots
PathXL Screenshots

PathXL Simulator
PathXL Simulator

Useful Links

Des Speed Interview with SyncNI

A computerised pathologist that can outperform its human counterparts could transform the field of cancer diagnosis The Economist, Dec 2011

The Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland


PathXL are pioneers in the emerging discipline of Digital Pathology, a high growth area with a projected five fold market growth in the next four years. A key aspect of these digital collaboration solutions is their ability to handle "Big Data" which is rapidly becoming the next big thing. Under-pinning this growth are the huge benefits to be gained by providing intelligent software support to pathologists and cross-functional clinical teams. Industry Observers predict that so-called "computerised pathologists" will outperform their human counterparts and absolutely transform the field of cancer diagnosis. PathXL are very well positioned to benefit from this inevitable market growth.

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