TEN Great Bioteams Exercises for High-Performing Teams

Bioteams is a modern approach to teams, networks and communities who need to operate with high levels of agility and autonomy through different working practices and by exploiting the latest web2.0 and mobile technologies. Bioteams is based on research into nature's most effective groups and is described in detail in this blog (www.bioteams.com) and in my bioteams book. Here are ten great bioteams exercises you can use to enhance the agility and autonomy of any team:

Bioteams Autopoeisis Symbol

The Bioteams Logo
Dr Humberto Maturana and Dr Franciso Varela, two Chilean biologist/neuroscientists, in their ground-breaking book "The Tree of Knowledge - The Biological Roots of Human Understanding" illustrated their concept of a living system with a little graphical symbol. I have taken the symbol and adapted it and turned it on its side to be the icon for bioteams. For more on this see The History of the Bioteams logo.

TEN Great Bioteams Exercises

  1. Self-Assessment: Does your team need a bioteams approach and to what degree is the team already operating as a bioteam.

  2. Swarm Behaviours: What are the small number of key behaviours all team members should follow consistently.

  3. The Pressure Cooker: How to spot hidden waste in a team by applying pressure on the key project dimensions of time, resources, scope and business criticality.

  4. Ground Rules: A 1-page team agreement to ensure everybody knows where they stand with the team and the other members right from the start.

  5. Team Karma: How to balance team member result expectations with their input contributions before it all goes wrong.

  6. Team Beliefs: Discover the critical beliefs which differentiate high-performing teams from the rest.

  7. Mental Models: The power of "mental models" in impacting positive (and negative) team outcomes.

  8. Tit for Tat: Forget 'win-win' - learn mother nature's proven collaboration model.

  9. Social Network Analysis: The importance of both weak and strong ties in teams and how well the team is "connected".

  10. Three Green Lights: The missing dimension of team member satisfaction - fairness perception.

Link to www.bioteamsdesign.com

About Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson delivers keynote conference speeches, workshop facilitation and in-house consultancy in four key business areas:

  1. Creating High Performing Teams in enterprises including Virtual and Mobile Teams (based on the Bioteams Book)
  2. Establishing effective Collaborative Business Networks enabling companies to co-operate effectively in areas such as sales and product development (based on the book - The Networked Enterprise)
  3. How to use the latest social media technologies including blogging and online communities to promote enterprises, brand, organisation or event
  4. Development of graphical on-line interactive Business Dashboards and What-if Simulators for organisations to support Performance Improvement, Strategy Development and Executive Team Development.

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 Organisational teams: thin slice for responsiveness

Humans and animals do not need complete information to act; they can operate on various clues provided there is a sufficient context. Organizational teams can also use this thin slicing technique in conjunction with short messaging to enhance their performance. Malcolm Gladwell’s introspective book Blink digs deep into the abyss of human cognition to illustrate the human ability to think at a subconscious level. The idea of thin slicing is used where one is introduced to only a few snippets of information which lead to a series of conclusions based on moments of rapid cognition – an ability claimed to be intrinsically dormant in most humans. By bioteams guest author Max Bhanabhai.

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