Team Collaboration: Funny Video Icebreaker

"For the Birds" from Pixar is a hilarious 3-minute cartoon video which I have used many times as a ice-breaker with teams, networks and groups. It is a great way to make people laugh, relax and quickly open up a really good discussion on some very important team-related issues. Make sure you watch right to the end with the sound on!

For The Birds (Pixar)

The video can be used to open a discussion on a number of important aspects about good collaboration and effective teams, as listed below.

I have also included links to relevant articles on each of these topics

I am sure you will think of many many more.....

About Ken Thompson

About Ken Thompson

Ken Thompson delivers keynote conference speeches, workshop facilitation and in-house consultancy in four key business areas:

  1. Creating High Performing Teams in enterprises including Virtual and Mobile Teams (based on the Bioteams Book)
  2. Establishing effective Collaborative Business Networks enabling companies to co-operate effectively in areas such as sales and product development (based on the book - The Networked Enterprise)
  3. How to use the latest social media technologies including blogging and online communities to promote enterprises, brand, organisation or event
  4. Development of graphical on-line interactive Business Dashboards and What-if Simulators for organisations to support Performance Improvement, Strategy Development and Executive Team Development.

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I will surely try to find the "For the Birds" from Pixar video for my next meeting with colleagues. I never try a video as an Ice breaker. I should give a try . Nice innovative ideas.

l never understood anything from the birds. What l saw was a big bird and them many birds jiont the big one making alot of noise which l did not know the meaning of the noise.

But what l guess out of what l saw was.
1- Working together as a team
2- Collaboration among one another.

Teeheehee!!! Looooved it!
It sort of reminds me of the ugly duckling turned swan.

On teamwork:
What they thought was their weakest link could have been their greatest strength, if everyone channeled their energies in the right direction.

Hi, there. This is hilarious and really enjoyed it. I also am a preofessional speaker/ facilitator. How do you approach using the videos in terms of copyright? Do you stream them only vs. downloading?

Mnay thanks!!

Initially, there is no unity amongst the birds. New colleagues are not welcome easily. No team work can take place. Finally, a bigger bird comes along and tried to stamp his authority.At first, he seemed to be in control. They turned against him at some point in time and wanted him out of their presence at all cost. Little did they know they were harming themselves in time to come.


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