Bioteams and Social Networks: New Audio Presentation

Ken Thompson, author of Bioteams and The Networked Enterprise, gives a 25 minute introduction to bioteams and describes how it can be applied to make social networks, fan groups, virtual communities and business networks more agile, intimate, satisfying and sustainable. The presentation also addresses todays big question - "How do you get engagement in a large group?"

New Bioteams audio Presentation

To stream the audio presentation (10MB)

The presentation lasts about 25 minutes and may take a minute to stream. I recorded it in one take after the NLAB conference (rather than slide by slide) so look out for my mobile phone ringing in the background and me having horrendous difficulty correctly saying the word ORGANISM.

In the audio presentation I start by making the case that all great teams are bioteams to varying degress by looking at the example of sports teams - they just call it something different!

I then review the 4 main characteristics of bioteams described in the Bioteams book

1. Any group member can take the lead
2. Pheromone-style short messaging
3. Small is beautiful and Big is powerful
4. Reach the many through the few

Then I identify the distinctive growth cycle of a bioteam - starting very fragile but growing very strong unlike traditional teams which start very strong and grow very fragile

I show how the biological definition of LIFE by Maturana can be applied to social networks at the individual, group and community level - for the details see Social Network Design: The Network Is A Living System, Design It As Such

Then I discuss how natures social networks are holistic and sustainable and then introduce my viable social network model.

I close with a couple of real examples of bioteams - Virtual Enterprise Networks and SwarmTribes of Music Bands and their fans.

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