Sports teams and organizational teams: a bioteams crowdbreaker

I have to thank Jo Jordan for the idea behind this excellent little crowdbreaker which introduces the bioteams concepts and shows very quickly in a concrete way that it makes perfect sense when you actually think about it.

George Best tricks Gordon Banks

Picture: George Best (N.Ireland) and Gordon Banks (England) at Windsor Park, Belfast

Ask the group or team you are working with to consider two scenarios regarding your favourite soccer (or rugby or American football or baseball) team and your organizational work team:

Scenario 1: Your soccer team as a business team

Q1A: If your soccer team organised itself the way your work team did what would be different?

For example, you can only pass the ball to the team captain or only the team's centre forward can score goals!

Q1B: Would they be more or less successful than they currently are?

Scenario 2: Your business team as a soccer team

Based on the earlier scenario now look at things the other way round:

Q2A: If your work team organised itself the way your favourite soccer team did what would be different?

Q2B: Would you be more or less successful than you currently are?

Now based on these two scenarios explore what you have learned about your work team

Q3: What are the 3 main ways these questions show you how your work team could be more effective?

I think you will be surprised!

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