Bioteams Instant Assessment Tool: Improved Version

I am pleased to announce a new version of the Flash-based Bioteams Instant Team Assessment tool which provides an online snapshot of how much a team is operating like a bioteam. Many Thanks to Jo, Chris and others for their very helpful feedback and suggestions.

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To try out the Bioteams Instant Assessment tool click here.

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I think the changes add clarity to the tool.

Now, for one more question. Can you explain the nature of question 12? The purpose of the team is to produce agreed upon outputs.. Is it the distinction of per the plan, schedule, budget?

something like :
if we only produce per the plan we may miss the opportunity to do something even better than what we started with in the plan?

When I think of using this tool with teams I worked with I think this one would produce a lot of controversy. I can hear the comments now "Of course the purpose is to produce agreed upon outputs!" I might say in response " is it only the ones in the plans/schedules?"

Your thoughts?
I have really enjoyed thinking about teams with you through this tool. I am in the midst of being a part of and forming a new group in my work these days.


Yes you have the interpretation i intended for that question - in bioteams the artifacts are secondary and the transformations they help produce are primary. The questions are intended to be a bit contraversial and will always need somebody like yourself to interpret and clarify them.

Please let me know how you get on and any feedback

Many Thanks



The tool has been very helpful - but for the purpose of change management from network 'coaches' - I think it might be important to find a way for the network coach (which is the primary change agent in the self organising system that submits the critical and relevant information to other agents) to be able to collate individual bioteam profiles from agents and determine which areas at the aggregate require attention (think of how surveymonkey works - your given a special link - and the person requesting gets this back)

Good idea to do this as it may also help map the cultural variance of a given team - and used at even higher levels - team members may be able to see the discrepancies between the 'perceived coach' and initiate the transformations in the coach inherently!

- thealphaswarmer| mAx


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