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Support for collaboration is the hot discussion in BPM circles these days, and for good reason. It’s the human-to-human interactions of teams that count when it comes to innovation and agility. ... you and everyone you work with must be able to function in and through internal and multi-company teams, and must also grasp what the latest concept of “team” really means….

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Ken Thompson is author of "Bioteams: High Performance Teams Based on Nature's Most Successful Designs"

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I have described the typical model as a football team where you are only allowed to pass the ball to the captain.

Great Analogy Jo - I will use that!!!!

I am a soccer fanatic and I could not see even Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid or Barcelona winning much playing that way!



Hi Jo

Based on your comment have a look at this

Best Regards


Hi Ken,

I will be speaking of Biomomicry at the BPM conference in Orlando next week and want to add your book and concepts to my presentation.

In my constant search for examples of Biomimicry in business and design, you came up some weeks ago. I was happy to see your article in BPM magazine on the web. It makes a good connection from my organic examples in design to corporate governance.

In my 25 years as an outside consultant and designer for corporate advertising departments, I have seen the command and control, collide and collapse many times. I have often wondered why the same cycle seems to appear in in-house situations. New teams seem to eventually partition themselves in hierarchy that is unsustainable. As people begin to leave the remainder seem to isolate themselves, as if to avoid injury.

Have a good week.

Dan Halsey

Hi Don

Thanks for your kind comments - it also puzzles me why my so many teams stick with C&C. My theory is that in many situations it is easier/better/safer for individuals to play the team game with the hidden goal of avoiding individual failure than than the stated goal of seeking collective success.

I have many examples of teams who started to play for the collective win goal and changed midproject to the "avoiding the individual blame goal". When this happens - usually due to a leadership failure - the team crosses the line and they all switch-off the "looking out for each other" early warning system to just look out for number 1.

Good luck at the conference - if you need anything let me know

Best Regards



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BIOTEAMS book just published
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