Online team assessment: free bioteams tool released

I am pleased to announce the release of a new Flash-based Bioteams Instant Team Assessment tool which provides an online snapshot of how much a team is operating like a bioteam by calculating its bioteams footprint across 5 key areas: beliefs, leadership, connectivity, execution and organization.

bioteams footprint

This assessment is based on the answers to a set of simple multiple choice questions which also instantly identifies the top priority bioteams rules which the team would have to address to become more bioteam-like in its operations.

The tool can also be used educationally as a bioteams simulator to introduce and explore the bioteams concept by changing a teams answers (behaviors) and seeing instantaneously how each change impacts the teams bioteams footprint and profile.

Try out the tool here for free.

Tool Screenshots

This screen shows some of the Multiple Choice Questions

Questions Screen

This screen shows how the Results are fedback

Results Screen

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I think this is a great idea and a great interface.

I found myself flip flopping between what does happen and what I thought should happen?

The leader may be doing that officially but everyone else is actually doing it sureptitiously (sp?) - how should that be rated?

Hi Jo

Thx for the encouragement - I intend to develop this a lot further

Would be interesting for a team to answer together in some way and look at the differences



This is a very interesting assessment. Thanks for sharing.

A couple of questions/observations

item four--I found myself torn between crystal clear communications and avoiding misinterpretation (which I would agree with) and the notion of explicit instructions on EXACTLY what to do. (where I dis-agree) It is hard to disagree the overall statement as I read it.

item 7--we are connected by web and email (I agree with this half of the statement) we don't try to stay in touch on the move or after hours (I disagree with this half.) But how to answer since the first half is obviously true for me I can't disagree with this.

Is it more that we are connected by web and email only? Anymore, email for me is at least 50% on my mobile while I am traveling.

item 12--this is another two parter, I disagree with the planning part but I agree with the "reviews for improvements and future learning". I think even a spontaneous action by the team should be looked at for learning.

Keep up the great work.

Hi Chris

I have just loaded up a new version which hopefully takes care of these comments and a few other points

Thanks for the great feedback


Great job!
By the way, I know a company called Ascentador that cares about Team assessment. Check it if you want.


Hi Jane

Thanks for your comments and encouragement - I will check Ascentador out

Best Regards



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