November 2007

Management Flight Simulator for Virtual Business Networks

Management Flight Simulator for Virtual Business Networks
Leading a virtual business network requires different skills than leading a traditional team. Many of these skills are unfortunately very counter-intuitive due to the living, evolving nature of such networks. Discovering this 'on the job' is almost as crazy as training airline pilots without using flight simulators!


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Innovative Organic Leadership model from New Zealand

Innovative Organic Leadership model from New Zealand
The Tipu Ake Lifecycle is based on the analogy of a tree growing in a forest and subject to "pests" which try to constrain it, "birds" which plant the seeds for long term future for the species and "poisons" which inhibit the process of germination.


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The universal instinct to swarm

The universal instinct to swarm
By studying swarming behaviour in ants, locusts and crickets there is much we can learn about robot communications, how cancer tumours spread and even how our neurons swarm to produce thoughts.


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Team Swarming: are your team wasps or bees

Team Swarming: are your team wasps or bees
Sometimes the Bee-team is the A-team: the importance of an automatic team swarm response to threats and opportunities.


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