Bees and Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition skills in bees are so advanced they can recognise human faces better than we can


The pattern recognition skills of bees are well-known, thought to have evolved to enable them to discriminate between different types of flowers.

As social insects, they can also recognise and differentiate between their hivemates.

Now a recent study shows that these capabilities are so powerful that bees can recognize human faces better than some humans and with one-ten thousandth of the brain cells.

The results may help lead to better face-recognition software.

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We have a wooden swing in our backyard and a colony of bumble bees has drilled holes all over it and has (we think Made a nest there) what if anything can we do about this ? my husband just wants to leave them alone but my daughter and I are afraid of them> He says they will not sting but I say he is wrong Please let me know what can be done to peacefully live with these creatures? Thanks

Bumble bees will not sting unless they are stepped on, the males don't even have stingers. If you don't panic they will recognise that you are not a flower and move on in their quiet way. Also they only keep a nest for a year and then they move on so you will only have them for a season. They are brilliantly good for your garden, I only wish I was so fortunate. Your husband is right. You have nothing to be afraid of.

bees if u do not bother will never attack do not bather them bees is peacefully


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