Ravens demonstrate logic and social intelligence

According to Robin McKie writing for The Observer in “Clever raven proves that it's no birdbrain“ scientists have discovered an unexpected candidate for the title of the world's second smartest creature: the raven


Image Source: http://pdphoto.org/PictureDetail.php?pg=7951

'These birds use logic to solve problems and some of their abilities even surpass those of the great apes'

Other experiments by biologists have shown that ravens often let other animals do work for them. In the wild, they have been known to make calls that bring wolves and foxes to dead animals so that these large carnivores can break the carcass apart, making meat accessible to the birds. Another great example of the influence of symbiosis in the natural world.

'It [The Raven] is up there with the great apes and dolphins,'

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But Ravens are not the only smart birds....

See The secret of accelerated organisational learning to discover what human teams can learn from songbirds based on research on the UK bluetit community and their social propagation skills.

See Black Sun teams use flocking and scale to discover how flocks of more than a million European Starlings gather from all corners to create an incredible phenomenon known as The Black Sun which hints at how flocking and mass collaboration can also be applied to organisational teams.

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