Leadership Styles: is your boss a fox or a jackal

A new UK survey identifies 5 types of office bosses: tigers, gorillas, sloths, jackals and foxes and suggests ways you can tame each of them.


Can you spot your leader?

  • Tigers - Sleek, stealthy, predatory and deadly

  • Gorillas - likes to terrify subordinates by showing anger

  • Sloths – hiding away, looking for a quiet life

  • Jackals - attack their victims only after another predator has bought them down

  • Foxes - Cunning and clever, able to outwit and outflank everyone

In this survey of 340 people conducted by Jet UK 84% of UK office workers like working with their bosses, 63% are looking for a fair boss and 19% someone who’s approachable and fun.

The command-and-control approach of Apprentice star and Amstrad boss Sir Alan Sugar did not go down well either :deemed the boss from hell by over 30% of respondents, with the fictional David Brent following close behind at 27%.

See Team Leadership: Stone Age Management fights back for more on command and control leadership.

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