Dolphins know each others names

Sunday Times Online, May 07, 2006 reports in Dolphins ‘know each other’s names’ that DOLPHINS may be even closer to humans than previously realised, with new research showing they communicate by whistling out their own “names”.


The research, on wild bottlenose dolphins was carried out by Vincent Janik of the Sea Mammal Research Unit at St Andrews University, who has found bottlenose dolphins to be among the animal world’s quickest learners of new sounds.

In another article Virtual team mobilisation and three powerful tips from nature I introduce the different types of recognition in nature – species, kin and individual.

I propose that in human teams all three forms of recognition can be very useful for different aspects of collaboration as teams can use:

  • Species Recognition to avoid freeloaders

  • Kin Recognition to build strong work-groups and

  • Individual Recognition to ensure mutual team member co-operation


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i think dolphins are rily cuet i wish i had 10000000000000000 pliz dont let eny one kill them be free cont ceap them loked up let them be free
pliz dont ceap them loked up pliz pliz pliz

i will like to ride a dolphins back one day i love dolphins

i like dolphins


Dolphins are really adorable creatures!!!! Very few in Nepal Wish we could do smthing to increase their population!!!


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