Mobile workforce and collaboration technology: the new CIO focus

A post on, CIO Role Shift: Internal to External (March 17), quotes a new Gartner report as suggesting that the role of the CIO (Chief Information Officer) in enterprises is changing into a much more externally focused one. The report also suggests that two of the key technologies for the CIO in 2006 will be mobile workforce enablement and collaboration technologies.

"The CIO’s role will be to provide the hardware and software to facilitate an increasing mobile workforce. It’s no longer only sales reps and maintenance workers that are out-of-office, teleworking, offices at multiple locations (and outsourced offices or managed services providers located off-site) and just keeping in touch with the office out-of-hours. This means providing services like push-email, portable phone numbers, and access to what were traditionally in-office applications like file servers, CRM and Enterprise software."

For a list of Gartner's top priorities and technologies for 2006 see an article by James Watson, Computing, Jan 26.

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