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In a just published book Work Goes Mobile by Michael Lattanzi, Antti Korhonen and Vishy Gopalakrishnan, authors of Nokia’s mobility master plan, propose a very useful application profiling scheme to establish the degree to which a business could exploit mobile technologies in their broadest sense. This approach would also be very useful for establishing the support requirements for virtually networked teams.


The Nokia framework considers 6 dimensions and grades each on a high-low scale

  1. Workforce Mobilility
    What percentage of time do workers spend away from their offices. Greater than 60% is high.
  2. Stakeholder Interaction
    What percentage of time do workers engage with external stakeholders or their systems. Greater than 60% is high.
  3. Information Requirement
    Do workers need one or many sources of information to complete the work.
  4. Time to Data
    How timely does the data need to be provided.
  5. Process Maturity
    How well defined is the process. Unlike the other dimensions both high maturity and low maturity processes can be good targets for mobility support.
  6. Regulatory Requirements
    To what degree are there regulatory requirements on the process such as safety and auditability

The authors go on to apply the framework to 3 popular application scenarios to establish their mobility support requirements:

  • Field Service Repair
  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Utility Company Field Force

For example the pharma sales force scores:

  1. Workforce Mobilility – Very High
  2. Stakeholder Interaction – Very High
  3. Information Requirement – Medium-High
  4. Time to Data – High
  5. Process Maturity – Medium-High

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Ken - do you think that I can buy this book in Poland?



They have the book (see link below) and they say they will ship to poland

Best Regards


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