Share broadband: save money

Sharing broadband via a wireless network with your next door neighbours or even your whole apartment block is the latest social collaboration phenomenon in distributed computing. It can reduce your costs, increase your speed and enhance your download capacity. But be careful to enable your personal firewall and wireless encryption so that only those with the pin can use it and remember to disable file sharing.

Its not even illegal - but check your service providers contract.

There are even some companies who will set the whole thing up for you such as

Others such as will allow you free wifi whilst travelling on the understanding that you contribute your capacity into a shared pool (a bit like how skype allows you to make free calls).

Be careful if your neighbours decide to move house as the provider will chase whoevers name is on the bottom of contact for all the money.

For an excellent article which provides full details see How the wi-fi revolution could cut your bill which suggests the following checklist of key points in shared broadbanding:

  1. Install a personal firewall
  2. Look into consumer VPN services
  3. Disable Automatic log on
  4. Secure personal details
  5. Turn off file and print-sharing on your computer
  6. Change the default service set identifier (SSID)
  7. Disable SSID broadcast
  8. Change the default password needed to access a wireless device
  9. Enable Mac address filtering

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I wonder what the legal implications of this are though? If someone downloads illegal content such as pr0n or mp3s, then surely the RIAA will come after whoever the name of the broadband is in.

Is there any way to protect against this?


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