The perfect project team meeting: 7 secrets

The 7 secrets for conducting the perfect collaborative operational team meeting.

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  1. Sterile Cockpit is an aviation term which means that during critical phases of flight, such as takeoff and landings, nothing else should be discussed by the flight crew. Even if it is important keep it for later.
  2. Jackanory is Cockney rhyming slang for 'Telling A Story'. When we tell a story about why something has happened we usually, without realising it, begin to defend and justify. This wastes time and energy. We only need to give the absolute minimum facts to allow the meeting to determine the correct action. The time for stories is really after the meeting.
  3. Sherlock Holmes was a famous but fictitious detective who had a fantastic ability to uncover the truth in difficult circumstances. A team should not expect their team leader to have the same level of investigative and deductive skills as Sherlock.

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Nice clear hints there on meeting effectiveness. I was wondering if you had two additional pieces of advice: (1) do these change for conference calls (2) if it is the CEO or other positionally powerful person that is putting the meeting off course ! ie. if the "chair" of the meeting is not as positionally powerful as the person going off course, what can be done !


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