January 2006

Why software teams tell lies

The Liars club.

Why software development team members are not always truthful about rework levels and project progress and what you can do about it. A Bioteam's guest spot by Bill Hall of the Australian Centre for Science, Innovation and Society.


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Virtual Peer Collaboration Startup Launched

Thanks to Cory Sorice of Invequity.com for pointing me to a Fast Company report: The Wisdom of Crowds (Beta Version) , published December 2005, which reviews a radically different internet startup called The Business Experiment (TBE) which aims to create new ventures through the power of totally virtual peer to peer collaboration (P2P).


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Blackberry email faces blackout threat

A dispute over patents could lead to email being switched off to Blackberry PDA users in the US according to a report in the UK Sunday Times (29 Jan).


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Most workers just need the money

The UK Guardian reports that in a recent ICM survey, three-quarters of people said they would stop working if they won the lottery.


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Trust variations in global teams

Hernando de Soto, Peruvian author of The Mystery of Capıtal, speaking at the 14th National Quality Congress ın Istanbul, (November 16, 2005), Turkey shared some very interesting research findıngs from the University of Michigan on the 'culture of trust' in different countries.


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New industry ecosystems predicted

One of the Ten Trends to watch in 2006, according to the McKinsey Quarterly (Jan 2006), will be the emergence of new global structures with a barbell-like structure, with a few giants on top, a narrow middle, and a flourish of smaller, fast-moving players on the bottom.


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The perfect project team meeting: 7 secrets

The 7 secrets for conducting the perfect collaborative operational team meeting.

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Connectivity technology changing how we live

12 percent of US newlyweds last year met online.

One of the Ten Trends to watch in 2006, according to the McKinsey Quarterly (Jan 2006), is the transforming impact on people’s behaviour of technological connectivity.


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Teamwork: learning from dolphin pods

Teamwork: learning from dolphin pods

The seven habits of highly effective dolphins.

According to a excellent site dedicated to Dolphins at Western Illinois University (Illinois) Dolphin social behavior is one of the most complex and advanced in the animal kingdom and offers us a number of insights into effective bioteaming.

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Software team size: The Mythical Man Month

In The Mythical Man Month, Fred Brooks points out that in a team of n members there are n(n-1)/2 potential links, leading to an n-squared scaling with team size.


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