Text your kettle an SMS message

You can now text devices as well as people

Thanks to Pat Garland from the NI e-Government unit for finding this surreal piece of technology news. I had to double-check the date to make sure it was not April 1 but with 22,000 entries on google it can’t be a hoax (can it?). Pat writes under “Tea-time for Bonzo?” that Tea manufacturer PG Tips has invented an "SMS kettle", according to Ananova.

The ReadyWhenUR kettle, which will be available in 2006, will enable users to send a text message to the kettle, which will then switch itself on.

"It could revolutionise tea-time".

Now there is no excuse for not putting the kettle on," a spokeswoman for PG Tips told the newswire.

Pat ends his article by commenting that "Unfortunately users will still need to text the chimpanzee to fill the kettle with water".

Do you remember the heady days when we talked about bluetooth as the technology for linking us wirelessly to our home appliances?

There is something important in here about the difference between technology strategy and technology implementation when it looks like the humble down-market SMS text message is first past the post in the kettle race!

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