Success secrets of Open Source project teams

Open Source Software (OSS) Development Projects use bioteaming

I attach a 2-page article by Brian Teeman, Roles and responsibilites of users and community members in an open source project.

Brian describes the inner workings of an open source software (OSS)development project based on his experience in developing the Mambo product.

Open Source Software development projects are one of the strongest emerging examples of bioteaming behavior.

Three things strike me immediately when I read Brian's account:

  1. Personal motivations are crystal clear for every team member

  2. All work is voluntary and the leader cannot give orders

  3. Each project passionately nurtures its network of supporters

If you check out my earlier article, The secret DNA of high-performing virtual teams, you will see these agree exactly with the three action rules "Tit for Tat", "Stop Controlling" and "Cluster".

I encourage you to read Brian's article and see how many more bioteam principles you can find.

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